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Default Problem with VIN

I just picked up what was listed and titled as a 2002 3124 from a guy in TN. I live in AL, so DMV requires a physical VIN inspection before titling the trailer. Well, turns out the VIN on the title and the previous title from original purchase is NOT the VIN on the unit or build sheet. It appears that the unit was mis registered back in 2002 when the original owners purchased and registered it; it is also a 2001. I have a copy of that original title in the binder that came with and the build list from TM, they do not match.

My local PD ran both VINs and only the one on the title comes back as ever having been registered. The officer doing the check said he had never seen anything like it; lots of hinky things, but nothing that seems to have been and error 16 years ago that has carried this far.

Anyway, now I have to get eith TN DMV and see what needs to happen to straighten this out to the satisfaction of AL so I can get eh darn thing titled and road ready. Has anyone had such an odd experience or had to deal with titling issues? I have a good paper trail between all the purchasers (I am 4th owner) at least for dates, I do not have a copy of Bill of Sale between owners 2&3, but I can follow the dates pretty close and I do have names/addresses of all parties that have owned this unit.

Any suggestions or things to present before I dig into things would be greatly appreciated. Good thing I had not planned or needed to get this baby on the road real quick!


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